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sur le fil


I'm Alexandra from Canada. In a previous life I was an avid blogger. Nowadays I keep a very low profile on the blogging scene with the odd post here and there. I do keep up a Tumblr, so feel free to add me there.

I like to think that I read a fair amount. However, I'm not going to type a list of my favourite books because I couldn't.
I often have extreme bouts of nostalgia (usually influenced by the music I'm listening to at the time). Genres of music that I love are classic rock, alternative rock, most jazz, and some indie. My favourite band is most likely the Red Hot Chili Peppers. On a side note, my interests listed here are neglected, therefore not always up-to-date.

I dream of one day writing a novel that means a lot to me, being a farmer, a Yukon truck driver, a book collector, a historian, travelling, and getting a good camera that allows me to document my travels.

I am the Sam Roberts of LJ. The header image of my layout was made by me (and features Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante).